Professional Security Dealer Marketing


"Smart" Web Design

On average only 2% of your website visitors will contact you. What if you could harvest the OTHER 98% who leave and never come back? Our smart security dealer websites can identify who your visitors are, capture that data in a CRM system, and automatically stay in touch with them with the right message, at the right time. Welcome to a more intelligent security website.

Los angeles search engine optmization

Online Lead Generation

We'll drive more traffic to your website through Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search on Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. We believe in a multi channel approach when it comes to demand generation strategies. Since we only work with security companies, you can skip the guesswork you'll typically encounter with other firms.


Fill Your Sales Funnel With Leads

Through demand marketing techniques like SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing we will fill your pipline with a steady flow of new leads.

Now that new leads are filling the top, middle, and bottom of your sales funnel we can begin to tag, score, and segment them based on their interaction with your website. 


Track Leads In Our CRM

With our CRM tool, you can track every lead that has come to your website, and where they came from. Our system indentifies your commercial prospects and presents names, phone numbers and other contact info right inside the CRM. When that visitor becomes a lead, you can track every interaction with your website and outbound emails. Salesforce integration is available.


Intelligent Lead Scoring

Not every prospect who contacts you is ready to buy now. In fact, most aren't. With custom lead scoring, we can identify the most sales qualified leads based on their interaction with your website and outbound emails. This way, your sales team can focus on the leads who are ready to buy now, while our email marketing system nurtures the leads who are still "kicking the tires". 


Targeted Email Marketing

Behavior based email marketing identifies what your leads and customers interests are, and sends them only content that is highly relevant to them. Home security emails go to residential prospects, and commercial information to business prospects. Your sales team can now tailor conversations more effectively and maximize every presentation. 


Get In Touch With Us

Call or email us today. We have the expertise, drive and dedication to the security industry to help you succeed online. If you've tried DIY or other inexperienced firms, we can pick up the pieces and get you back on track quickly. It's the best possible decision you could make for your online success. 


About eFish Marketing

Our clients stay with us not only because we get results. They know that we genuinely care about their business, and are dedicated to their success. We’re passionate about the security industry, and stay abreast of quickly evolving technolgies in the home and commercial sectors. It’s what makes us great marketers, and an even better partners.